Steve White is one of the most highly respected drummers in the UK. With a career spanning over thirty years, Steve has mastered all aspects of becoming the complete drummer and musician. Playing live and touring the world with the UK’s top music icons, including The Style Council, Paul Weller, Ian Dury, Jon Lord, and The Who (at Live 8). In the studio Steve found his voice as a creative session drummer, building up an extensive discography of renowned studio recordings. Offstage, Steve is a well-known educator and drum clinician, demonstrating his knowledge with precision and passion for the drums.

In collaboration with UK drummer Russ Tarley, Steve has collated all the elements he has practiced over the years into this book to form a practical approach to using these concepts to help any drummer develop their skillset around the kit. This includes Steve’s favourite rudiment applications, systems for developing coordination, independence and time, studies in rhythm, linear phrasing, plus transcriptions of a solo performance and famous Paul Weller studio recordings.

There is a wealth of information packed into these pages, breaking down Steve’s knowledge and playing into lessons and exercises all drummers can take something from and inspire their own daily practice and performance. From playing live and in the studio, to the practice room and teaching, Steve can now share his vast experience of a life behind the drums.