The ebook downloadable version from the album ‘Return of the Iron Monkey’ by the band ‘Trio Valore’. The book showcases eight songs from the album plus a bonus song, each one including an excerpt from Steve about the song and recording, plus some choice professional shots from the studio and live performances, full transcriptions and downloadable play-along tracks.

Each piece is a carefully notated and transcribed chart by Russ Tarley, detailing the arrangement of the song, every single note, groove and fill Steve plays with all the nuances included in the playing.

Inside the book, you will find a serial code which you can enter here on the website and automatically download all the tracks from the album minus the drums for you to play along and enjoy the music time and time again.

By listening to Steve play on the original album, and then playing along with the backing tracks will make you a better drummer and musician. You can play along to the tracks freely and come up with your own grooves and fill ideas. You can cross-reference any particular┬ápart Steve plays in the charts provided and incorporate it into your own playing. Or you can start at the top and finish at the bottom reading the chart note for note to really get some of Steve’s experience and expertise into your playing.

Have fun and enjoy!